Prestige Safety Valve replacement
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Prestige Safety Valve replacement
Product Name : Prestige Safety Valve replacement
Product Code : HD-AC 111 (Free Shipping)
About our Company

Prestige Safety valve replacement pressure cooker   Features:

A Prestige Pressure Cooker Safety Valve is an automatic release of a gas from a boiler, pressure vessel. Prestige Pressure Cooker Safety Valve is an important part of the pressure cooker. The Alloy Composition of Prestige Pressure Cooker Safety Valve shall be Such that it melts before gauge pressure is reached greater than half of the bursting pressure. Whenever we are working on a Prestige Pressure Cooker, safety is one thing we should look out for. But with Prestige, Safety is rest assured. The Prestige Pressure Cooker Safety Valve contains a special fusible alloy pellet which melts when the temperature or pressure rises beyond safe levels and lets out the steam. 
Prestige has the largest range of pressure cookers in the country, each crafted to suit your every need. With years of trust, reliability and safety as our hallmarks, you can rest assured that your Prestige pressure cooker will serve you for a long time to come!!
Prestige  Safety Valve is an important part of the pressure cooker
Prestige Safety Valve is melts before gauge pressure is reached greater than half of the bursting pressure i.e. 3 kgs. per sq. cm
Prestige Safety Valve weight: 15/16 gms.
Prestige  Safety Valve: Hi-Grade
Pressure cooker safety valve, In the conventional system of Pressure Cooker a safety valve, made of conventional rubber or plastic with a pin, is used for release of internal pressure, in case of excessive generation of steam on failure of the Pressure regulating and release Device (Whistle). In the conventional system of pressure cooker, the safety pressure release device is non reusable and needs replacement time and again whenever the same attains its objective. The newly invented device, the safety pressure release device of pressure cooker, is permanent, reusable, needs no replacement and safe in functioning as the newly invented device and its parts are made of metal, and its safety pin is loaded with a spring, thereby resulting in economy and greater safety of pressure cooker. Pressure Cooker is kept on Heating Device its internal pressure will reach to the greatest nominal cooking pressure, Pressure Regulating Device Operates (Whistle) & allow excess steam to escape. In case if whistle won’t operate at this point due to blockage in vent & the internal Pressure exceed the greatest nominal pressure then the sealing pin will lift upwards & allow excess steam to escape and this device will work as Safety Pressure Release Device.

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