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2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String Pagadum
Product Name : 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String Pagadum
Product Code : RJ 101 (Free Shipping)
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2 mm Loose Taiwan Red Coral Bead Strings -Pagadum Description: 

200 - 240 Taiwan Bead on a string, sponge coral (dyed), red, 2mm chip. Sold per 16-inch strand
Beads may show wavy fibrous coral structure, and some cavities from polyps. Beautiful designs in Coral Jewelry made with natural corals.
Red coral is the gemstone of Mars (Mangal). On account of being the master gem of the Aries and the Scorpio, coral gem removes obstacles in the way of their fortunes and increases their influences. Corals are found in many colours red, scarlet, saffron, pink to vermilion red and white.
What is Red Coral Bead Strings - Pagadum ?
Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral. The distinguishing characteristic of precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry.
Red Coral (Pagadum)
All beads are sold per strand
All strands are 16 inches unless otherwise stated.
Size of beads                                                          Number of beads per line
2mm=size of aavalu (mustard seed)                           2mm=215 beads
3mm=size of sabudana (tapioca)                                3mm=160 beads
4mm=size of whole black peppar                               4mm=105 beads
5mm=size of kala chana (chickpeas)                          5mm=81 beads
6mm=size of frozen peas                                            6mm=65 beads
10mm=size of blueberry                                             7mm=62 beads
2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String grow on rocky seabottom with low sedimentation, typically in dark environments--either in the depths or in dark caverns or crevices. The original species, C. rubrum, is found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. It grows at depths from 10 to 300 m, although the shallower of these habitats have been largely depleted by harvesting.[1] In the underwater caves of Alghero, Sardinia (the "Coral Riviera") it grows at the depth of 4 m. The same species is also found at Atlantic sites near the Strait of Gibraltar and at the Cape Verde Islands.[1] Other Corallium species are native to the western Pacific, notably around Japan (Corallium japonicum) and Taiwan;[2] these occur at depths of 350 to 1500 m in areas with strong currents.[1]

In common with other Gorgonacea, 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String resemble small leafless bushes up to a meter tall. Their valuable skeleton is composed of intermeshed spicules of hard calcium carbonate, colored in shades of red by carotenoid pigments.[1] In living specimens, the skeletal branches are overlaid with soft bright red integument, from which numerous retractable white polyps protrude.[3] The polyps exhibit octameric radial symmetry.
Coral as a gemstone
The hard skeleton of red coral branches is naturally matte, but can be polished to a glassy  shine.[2] It exhibits a range of warm reddish pink colors from pale pink to deep red; the word 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String is also used to name such colors. Owing to its intense and permanent coloration and glossiness, precious coral skeletons have been harvested since antiquity for decorative use. 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String jewelry has been found in ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European burials,[3] and continues to be made to the present day.
Coral in mythology
The origin of 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String is explained in Greek mythology by the story of Perseus. Having petrified Cetus, the sea monster threatening Andromeda, Perseus placed Medusa's head on the riverbank while he washed his hands. When he recovered her head, he saw that her blood had turned the seaweed (in some variants the reeds) into red coral. Thus, the Greek word for 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String is 'Gorgeia', as Medusa was one of the three Gorgons.Poseidon resided in a palace made of coral and gems, and Hephaestus first crafted his work from 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String. The Romans believed 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String could protect children from harm, as well as cure wounds made by snakes and scorpions and diagnose diseases by changing colour. Pliny has recorded the trade of coral between Mediterranea and India in the first century A.D.
Precious coral has relative density of 3.86 and hardness 3.5 on the Mohs scale.[4] Due to its
softness and opacity, coral is usually cut en cabochon, or used to make 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String.
These 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String can be made into a necklace worn around the neck - can be made into bracelets earrings- as they have a hole in the center of the 2mm Taiwan Red Coral Bead String.
ABOUT Our 2mm Red coral : -
Shape : Bead ( round in shape with a small hole in the center)
Source : Taiwan
Size : 2mm
Type : Dyed Coral.
No of Beads : 200 - 240 beads on a string
Length : 16 inches long
Color : Red
Positive qualities

Coral gemstone is useful for enhancing self-confidence, administrative capability and the power of utilizing the rights in social & political spheres.
Coral gemstone is beneficial in deals involving buying and selling of land and properties.
Coral gemstone prevents abortion, fever, piles, impotency, typhus, smallpox etc.
Coral paste cures the man from cough and the heart disease. It is also an ideal gem for a happy marital life.

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