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cutlets with white bread
cutlets with white bread

Cutlets with white bread:-

400 gms-white bread(slices to be cut in to 2 halves(diagonal)
                          tomato hot sauce(felix)
                           greenchilli sauce
                          coriander leaves(finely chapped)
                          oil for frying
                          Prepare the fine batter with basan flour, salt,little baking soda and hing and add finally one pint zeerz powder.
for 10 slices we can prepare 10 cutlets looks like a samosa shape.
take 10 (halves)slices and apply the tomato sauce &chillisauce on it and sprinkle coriander leaves on (every piece).
for every slice cover one plain slice.after preparing all cutlets (10) start to fry them in a low get a fine golden brown colour.
serve them hot with tomato kechtup.
                  prepare first Aloo-curry with masala powder and apply that to every slice instead of tomato sauce)and fry them like above process.
method --3
-                  prepare the spenach curry with onions,garam masalaand galic paste.
   apply it on every bread slice (triangle bit),cover them with plain triangle and fry it.
method -4
                 prepare with garam masala aaloo curry add much coriander .take big size sandwich    whitebread )remove the outline border and wet them with water and sqeeze it.
stuff with potato curry and roll it paste should be oval shaped.
make ready all cutlets and heat the oil to fry in a low temparature to a fine golden colour ,drain them on a tissue paper.serve hot with tomato ektchup..(they will be crispy only when they serve hot)
               needs Saabdana(big)-1 cup---must be soaked in water  for ½hour,to 1-cup water.               bread (does`nt matter they are edges)soak in water for 1 min.
              ½ bit ginger ,2 cloves garlic to paste.
             4 --green chillies to paste.
            ½ cup basa or maida and salt to taste.
              Oil for frying
              sqeeze the bread.
              add saabdana and other ingredients like Poori dough.
           Make the dough to small  oval   balls,fry them slowly to a golden brown colour.
serve them hot with tomato or chilli sauce.
method 6
               bread (preferably white)
             ordinery cornflakes
            green chilli,ginger,garlic paste(as your taste)
               table spoon maida
             oil to fry
           little soda,salt
          soak a minute in water--------bread and flakes
sqeeze the water.
         add the maida and other ingredients to( pakoda ) batter
       fry them like pakoras and serve them hot with chilli sauce.
Cut the bread horizontal pieces.
prepare the fine batter with red gram (soaked&grinded in mixy  chenna dal and gren chillie,ginger&garlic&salt)
the batter must be likepakoora  thickness.
take every bit of bread and dip  gen tly in the chenna batter and fry it in the oil ,serve them immedietly.
 in stead of bread bits we can use potatoes.
cut the potatoes horizontally as french-fries.and the process is totally same.
serve with vegetable sallad and kebab mirchies(ready made).           




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