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Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer
Product Name : Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer
Product Code : ST101 (Free Shipping)

Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer: 

Stainless steel wire mesh for better straining
Easy to clean
Made up of stainless steel
Style: Coffee Strainers
Material: Stainless Steel
Stainless steel design is durable and used to drain coffee bags after brewing.
Great for a large group of Coffee drinkers.
Advantages with Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer
Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer is Hard wearing
Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer is Long lasting
Resistant to stain and odors
Impervious to strong acids, alkali and rust
Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer is Highly corrosion resistant
Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer Comes in different sizes
Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer is Easy to maintenance
Stainless Steel Coffee Strainer is Highly durable
Strainer is used for straining liquids. This device has a perforated and mesh bottom which is available in different sizes and shape. Basically, strainer is a screen installed to allow water to pass through but not the larger items. The larger items are held in a basket or fall at the bottom to be later cleaned. Coffee strainer, made from fine-mesh stainless steel is used for straining Coffee to separate it from Coffee leaves. It can also be used to strain liquid from stock or gravy and other similar liquids. Stainless steel Coffee strainer may be hand hammered and usually come with handles.

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Product Code : ST101D

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