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Indian Pressure Cooker Prestige 2-22Lit
Product Name : Indian Pressure Cooker Prestige 2-22Lit
Product Code : PPC-101 (Free Shipping)

Prestige Pressure Cooker Features:

Prestige Pressure Cooker 2 to 12 Litre is Aluminum body with Weight valve - Safety release system and Gasket rings for more safe cooking With Instructional Manual and cookbook Pressure cooking the way to go, Cook faster and easier with all the enabled Indian cookers.
Home land's pride takes us way back , when our mom used to cook with cookers the aroma and the flavor of the food that is cooked.
Prestige Pressure cookers are one the fastest and easier ways to cook any Indian food, from cooking dal to cooking Rice, idli or pongal .
About Our Prestige Pressure Cooker
Prestige Pressure Cooker Usage: Easy to Open & Close
Prestige Pressure Cooker Capacity: 2 to 12 liter
Prestige Pressure Cooker Type: New 'whistling' pressure regulator
Prestige Pressure Cooker Safety Valve: Shielded Safety valve
Prestige Pressure Cooker Gasket: Lasts longer
Prestige Pressure Cooker Material: Mirror polished; interior and base matt finish
Prestige Pressure Cooker Lid: Outside fitting lid
Prestige Pressure Cooker Handles: Stay cool handles
Prestige 10 Ltrs : 12 inches total height of the cooker & 8 inches diameter
If you're old enough, your memory of pressure cookers is probably of a steaming, spitting monster of a pot, noisily rattling on the kitchen stove. I know I have this memory of pressure cookers and it made me afraid to even try this most useful cooking tool for decades.
The old pressure cookers were scary things. I remember one time when my mother neglected a pot of pressure cooked beans while she answered a phone call. A loud explosion rudely interrupted her call, resulting in beans on the floor, beans on the ceiling, beans on the walls --- you get the big messy picture.
If you're not so old, you probably have never encountered a pressure cooker at all. But pressure cookers are back, and good news, they are nothing like the noisy, rattling, steam spitting models your mother or grandmother used. Today's pressure cookers are safe and easy to use.

Adapting Regular Recipes for the Pressure Cooker - Prestige Pressure Cooker


You can cook most anything in the pressure cooker, although to be sure, it is better suited for foods that require long cooking times, such as soups, stews, beans and grain dishes. That said, I often make crisp-cooked steamed vegetables in my pressure cooker - the secret is to only cook them for a minute or two under pressure.


There are not many changes to make when adapting recipes for the pressure cooker. Just make sure you are using enough liquid to create steam (usually a minimum of 2 cups, you can get away with a little less for foods that cook quickly like steamed vegetables).


Sear meats and aromatic vegetables like onions for better flavor before closing the pressure cooker and cooking under pressure.


Other than that, the most important thing to monitor is the cooking time.


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A pressure cooker is similar to a typical stovetop pot except that the lid is designed to maintain a tight seal, usually through a gasket or rubber ring.


The pressure cooker's seal does not let steam escape. The trapped steam builds up very high pressure in the pot, which heats it to a very high temperature.


Aside from speeding up cooking times, pressure cooker speed is reputed to boost nutrition, since less nutrients get burned away in short time intervals. Use of a pressure cooker also conserves energy and gas.

Pressure cookers adapt best to recipes that normally use a moist cooking method such assoups, stews, tough cuts of meats, artichokes, steamed puddings, etc. Add vegetables at the very end to avoid a mushy result.


It was the perfect gift for the passionate Indian mothers &

home makers.


Important Resources regarding Pressure Cookers:


YouTube Pressure Cooker Video:


Recommended Recipes:


(1) Chicken Gravy ?

(2) Mutton Briyani ?

(3) Mint chicken Briyani ?

(4) Vathal Kolambhu ?

(5) Mysore Rasam?


Accessories on Pressure Cooker Brands


Accessories for Indian Pressure Cookers


For more information, write to us :

Call us in 408-239-4800

Product Description Price ($)Qty
2000 ml 2 Ltrs 1.81 Qt
Product Code : PPC-101
3000 ml 3 Ltr 2.72 Qt
Product Code : PPC-102
4000 ml 4 Ltr 3.63 Qt
Product Code : PPC-103
5000 ml 5 Ltrs 4.54 Qt
Product Code : PPC-104
6000 ml 6 Ltrs 5.45 Qt
Product Code : PPC-105
7500 ml 7.5 Ltr 6.81Qt
Product Code : PPC-106
10000 ml 10 Ltr 9.08 Qt
Product Code : PPC-107
12000 ml 12 Ltrs 10.89 Qt
Product Code : PPC-108
16000 ml 16 Ltrs 14.52 Qt
Product Code : PPC-109
22000 ml 22 Ltrs 19.98 Qt
Product Code : PPC-110

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