2mm Black Onyx Plain Beads Semiprecious gemstone loose Onyx bead Buy Wholesale Online 16-inch strand
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2mm Black Onyx Plain Beads
Product Name : 2mm Black Onyx Plain Beads
Product Code : GSB S 190
Price : $ 6.00
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2mm Black Onyx Plain Beads Features: 

ABOUT 2mm Black Onyx Plain Beads: -
Size: 2mm
Shape: Bead (round in shape with a small hole in the center)
No of beads: 200 - 240 beads on a string
Type: Faceted Beads
Length: 16 inches long
Color: Black
What is Onyx?
Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. The colors of its bands range from white to almost every color (save some shades, such as purple or blue.) Commonly, specimens of onyx available contain bands of colors of white, tan, and brown. Sardonyx is a variant in which the colored bands are sard (shades of red) rather than black. Pure black Onyx is common, and
It is usually cut as a cabochon, or into beads, and is also used for intaglios and cameos, where the bands make the image contrast with the ground. Some onyx is natural but much is produced by the staining of agate.
The name has sometimes been used, incorrectly, to label other banded lapidary materials, such as banded calcite found in Mexico, Pakistan, and other places, and often carved, polished and sold. This material is much softer than true onyx, and much more readily available. The majority of carved items sold as 'Onyx' today are this carbonate material.
All beads are sold per strand
All strands are 14 inches unless otherwise stated.
Size of beads
2mm=size of aavalu (mustard seed)
3mm=size of sabudana (tapioca)
4mm=size of whole black peppar
5mm=size of kala chana (chickpeas)
6mm=size of frozen peas
10mm=size of blueberry
About Black Onyx:
Black Onyx Gemstone Onyx is known to separate. It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships.
Black Onyx Gemstone Meanings, Properties & Qualities
Black onyx gemstone meanings, properties & qualitiesUsually black or brown with white bands. Can be orange, red, or honey coloured - rarely. Can be found in Germany, Canada, Uruguay and the US. A variety of Chalcedony, oynx is made from alternating broad, flat bands of black and white. If the sample is brown and white it is called Sardonyx. If its red and white it is called Carnelian Onyx. When it is black throughout it is called black onyx. Black onyx can be natural or died.
Black Onyx Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc.
    * Black onyx is used in India to ward off 'the evil eye'.
    * Black Onyx helps stop your energy being drained away.
    * Black Onyx helps with stress.
    * Black Onyx is believed to sharpen the whitts of the person wearing the gemstone.
    * Black Onyx is considered the gemstone to "feel better with".
    * Black Onyx helps repel negative energy surrounding others opinions and ideas.
    * Black Onyx is good for entrepreneurs and inventors
    * Black Onyx helps create emotional stability.
    * Black Onyx absorbs and flattens emotions intensity.
    * Black Onyx is used as a worry stone in the Middle East.
    * Black Onyx helps to smooth the 'rola coaster of emotions' we all face at times.
    * Black Onyx is said to be helpful in overcoming a past relationship or an unwanted form of love towards somebody.
    * Black Onyx helps you become master of your own fate.
    * Black Onyx guards against negativity.
    * Black Onyx helps eradicate excess energies.
   * Black Onyx can be used as a defense in many disagreements or 'battles'.
    * Black Onyx is associated with the planet Saturn.
    * Black Onyx governs the 1st chakra - root chakra.
Black Onyx Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.
    * Black Onyx helps control stress and eliminates negative thinking.
    * Black Onyx increases stamina.
    * Black Onyx aids childbirth.
    * Black Onyx aids sexual health and self control.
    * Black Onyx is said to strengthen the heart, kidneys, nerves, capillaries, hair, eyes and nails.
    * Black Onyx helps eradicate unwanted/undue stress.
    * Black Onyx relates to the ovaries, womb and menses.

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